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Tree Removal, Pruning, Mulching and Maintenance:


If you didn’t have that little sticker in the right-hand corner of your car’s windscreen to remind of your next service, how often do think you’d get your car serviced?

Makes you wonder, right?

Well, the same thing happens with your general yard maintenance. Everything appears to be fine, then, all of a sudden, things start to go wrong one-by-one.

At Aaron Palmers Tree Zone we can help save you enormous amounts of time by popping into your place once a year (or more… depending on your property and the types of plants and trees you have).

It’ll be one less thing you have to worry about.

Tree Lopping

Stump Grinding

We’ll take care of…

      • Annual, Biannual, (custom) Yard Maintenance Program  Keeping a close eye on your yard is the corner stone of a healthy and safe environment for your family. We can provide seasonal visual check-ups to eliminate risk and worry – If your too busy and need a hand, or you’re unsure of where to get started and what to look for… Click here to get FREE full yard maintenance assessment.
      • Tree Removal – Sometime removing a tree is unavoidable. We take every care to ensure we eliminate the chance of damage to established gardens, your home and surrounding areas.
      • Any size tree – 150 tonne crane work (If you’ve got a big tree, my team and I can handle it. We’ve never been beaten by a tree and we aren’t going to start today). Through to handsaw and formative pruning on trees older than one year.
      • Formative pruning: is the equivalent of training your tree to grow in a certain direction and shape. Most trees will naturally form their shape as they get older, while others need a little bit more help. This will ensure your trees stay healthy and live long into the future without worry of disease or rot.]
      • Stump grindingsafe removal of all stumps. Perfect preparation for landscaping making sure you don’t have any regrowth or future rotting issues.
      • Mulching and Mulch supplies – We can turn any waste into mulch (providing it is safe to do so) or supply mulch at $25.00 cubic metre [4 metres minimum – no palm included]

Keep In Mind:

Everything we do is covered by Australian standards. When we remove anything from your yard we make sure it is disposed of in the correct manner and recycled where possible.

Your Action Step to a Safer Home Year Round

  • To get started straight away, contact me to receive a free, no obligation quote for your property.
  • Download your Cyclone Prevention DIY Check List to ensure your home is a safe as possible.

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