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Garden and Plant health care, Pest and Disease control

Did you know your plants can get sick just like we do?

Sometimes it can fly under the radar… meaning your plants and garden might be in much worse shape than you think.

You may not think too much of a plant shedding a few brown leaves or a few white spots popping up on the trunk of your favourite tree…

Your soil could have a phosphorous deficiency… or worse!

But there is no need to worry. Garden and plant health care is something we love to do. Trained Arborists and tree loppers are highly skilled at diagnosing different diseases, as well as preventing out breaks long before they occur.

You might call me and my team “tree doctors”.

However, waiting until the signs show up could be too late. At Aaron Palmers Tree Zone, we practice the prevention is better than cure methodology.

Plant Rust

Vegetable planting and harvesting timetables

Here’s how we can help keep your garden looking it’s best, year round


      • Prevention, diagnosis and eradication of all pests and diseases – Unfortunately, we aren’t God’s. But, where ever possible, we can get rid of any nasties and prevent future outbreaks from ever occurring. Using both Biological control and chemical control if needed.
      • Plant Rust prevention – Pruning to increase air flow and watering at certain times can help with plant rust prevention. But sometimes a few drastic measures need to be observed. We’ll make sure the health of your garden and surrounding environment is in top shape making it virtually impossible for rust to take hold. 
      • Mulching and watering timetables – When you mulch and when you water can play a big part in the overall health of your garden. If you don’t have the time (or patience) we can setup a custom schedule for you so you don’t have to think about it… and you can spend more time doing the things you love.
      • Vegetable planting and harvesting timetables – Some veggies are tough to grow in the summer while others thrive. How to get started, what to plant, and how to get the best harvest is all part of the service. We can set you up with a custom plan which will save you endless headaches, time and money. (Not to mention you’ll have the most delicious home grown veggies.)

Keep In Mind:

Garden and plant health care is how the pro’s make gardening look so easy. We are here to make your garden thrive all year round with some helpful tips and some good old fashion elbow grease.

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