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Cyclone Preparation and Prevention


If you were to turn on the television right now to be informed of a Cyclone forming over the Coral Sea, would you feel 100% confident you’ve done everything in your power to prevent your home and property from being damaged?

If you’re unsure of exactly how to prevent cyclone damage, ensuring your family and home is as safe as humanly possible, then my friend, you’re in the right place.

At Aaron Palmers Tree Zone our motto is…

“We would rather improve than remove”

Instead of stripping your yard back to the bare bones, improving and maintaining the trees within your property is a far better solution.

The key to Cyclone prevention in Cairns is regular maintenance. Maintenance sounds like an expense. But, it’s much more than that, you’ll be actively making an investment in your property and your families safety.

Planting trees to prevent cyclone damage

Reduce the height of taller trees

Regular yard maintenance of your property can:


      • Improve the value of your home

      • Increase the protection to your home in the event of a Cyclone

      • Reduces the risk of branch failure leading to injuries and property damage

And, by maintaining your property on a regular basis, you’ll have peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about the state of your property, or the safety of your family.

While everyone is scrambling to get a highly qualified Cairns tree lopper to help them prepare their home in the three days before a Cyclone, you’ll have taken care of everything months, even years beforehand. Making your home safer and giving you the best chance to withstand any danger thrown at you by Mother Nature.

Here’s how we can build and maintain your property in order to prevent cyclone damage


      • Planting trees to prevent cyclone damage. This reduces the frontal gust damage by deflecting and redirecting wind.
      • Reduce the height of taller trees – a group of trees and tall shrubs together (of equal height) can divert wind through funneling. This reduces the pressure on your trees and moves the wind away from your home.
      • Cutting back the inner canopy – Most tree branches break or entire trees fall over due to wind catching the limbs of a tree like the sail on a boat. Cutting back the inner canopy allows the wind to move through the tree freely, without damage to the tree or your home.
      • When a tree branch twists, it becomes fragile. Cutting back longer branches prevents twisting and maintains the trees health for a substantially longer life.
      • Removal of nuts (coconuts, berries, etc.) and excess fronds from palm trees before the wet season.
      • Removal of dying and diseased species. Locating tree rot both internal and external. (The internal rot is your biggest danger in a cyclone. Leaving this unchecked can cause sudden breakages even in the dry season.)

Removal of nuts

Keep In Mind:

You don’t have to wait until the wet season to improve and protect your home. In fact, you’ll find it far more cost effective to stay on top of your cyclone and home preparation in the dry season.

Your Action Step to a Safer Home Year Round

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  • Download your Cyclone Prevention DIY Check List to ensure your home is a safe as possible.

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