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My Back Exploded – Then so did my business.

One thing that drives me insane is when people are flakey. You’ve probably found this out when hiring tradies.They say things like, “I’ll be there between 1pm and 5pm on Thursday”. Or they don’t show up at all.
Or they don’t answer their phones, and when they do, you’ve just called six other companies, wasted an hour, and now you don’t need them anymore.
Well, before my back exploded, this used to be me. As the owner, operator, and Head Arborist, I was constantly stuck up a tree (in more ways than one). I would get a phone call while wielding a chainsaw, dangling out of a 150ft tree.
I can’t tell you how many phone calls I missed, jobs I’ve lost (people I annoyed), and phones I’ve broken due to them falling from such heights.

Then, my back literally exploded…

…moving my boat one morning, I put myself in an awkward position. All of a sudden my back gave way and I shredded 3 vertebrae. Like a hot knife through butter.

Boom—down I went. 

The doctor said I’d be out of action for months. Hearing that killed me. I love being an Arborist. Helping people keep their homes safe and climbing trees all day. What’s not to love?


After 3 months on my back, 3 months of rehab, I was back up the tree

Then…Boom! I blew my back out again. The dream was over. Or…was it?

I know more about my clients, their concerns, and my business

than I ever have before. 

I’m a super optimistic guy, love chatting and talking with people, helping people solve problems, and genuinely care. But, when my back through-in-the-towel, I didn’t know what to do. 

After being laid up in bed for the second time in 6 months, I decide to take a more proactive approach to my business. Being bed-ridden for 24 hours a day gives you a lot of time to think. 

So, I decided I’d throw myself into really being present for all my clients. I’m not stuck in a tree anymore. I’m ‘off the tools’, so to speak.   

This makes me, and my team here at Aaron Palmers Tree Zone, the most effective, prompt, and downright meticulous Tree Surgeons, Arborists and Loppers in Cairns.

Whenever you call for a quote or need some advice about your property, I’ll be the one to answer the phone. I rarely miss a phone call from a client these days. My client base has tripled from taking phone more calls. 

You won’t have to waste your time with flakey tradies anymore.

Not only that, I’ll personally visit your place when quoting your job. Currently, I spend up to 800km in the truck a week driving to client’s homes and running my eyes over their property. 

Keep In Mind

I can devote more time methodically designing the best plan of attack (which isn’t always chopping trees down) for your home and property.

So…where to next?

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