“It’s the relationship with your trees, your property and your family that we care about.”

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Tree lopping Cairns

Tree Lopping

Tree Removal, Hazardous Trees, Pruning, Stump Removal, Mulching & Maintenance

Tree services Cairns

Tree Care

Garden and Plant Health Care, Pest and Disease Control

Cyclone preparation Cairns

Cyclone Preparation

Cyclone prevention & Preparation (Doing this in the dry season will save you money.)

We provide a wide range of arborist services, including:

  • Pre & Post Cyclone / Storm Damage
  • Hazardous Trees & Tree Removal
  • Insurance Claims
  • Plant Health Care
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Much Much more…

Trees are an important part of our day to day life, we believe in a sustainable but safe approach to all tree work. If it needs to come out we will take it out.We would rather improve than remove. 

If a Cyclone Rolls Through Tomorrow, Will Your Home and Yard Be Safe? 

Aaron Palmer—Owner, and Head Arborist, here.

The number one question I get asked from every client (and I mean e-v-e-r-y client) is…

“What’s the best way to prevent Cyclone damage to my home?”

The key word in that question is ‘prevent’. 

As a fully qualified tree lopper in Cairns and graduate from the Burnley Horticultural College, Melbourne University, I have a vast network of Australia’s best minds in the Horticulture, Arborist and tree lopping community at my disposal. 

My team and I know, down to the last branch, the most effective, and cheapest, way to prevent cyclone damage (or any damage for that matter) is regular home and yard maintenance.


Looking after your home is serious business, but you shouldn’t have to worry about it. Staying on top of things before they become an issue will virtually guarantee your home is protected and your family remains safe all year round. 

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